Sunday, September 25, 2005

Liberal Hollywood?

In attempting to meet my son's wish to watch a Godzillla video this morning, I have had to watch "coming attractions" for long forgotten films.

One such film was "Anacondas," which clearly features a typical Hollywood story line: explorers try for something "they're not supposed to get," and get roughed up by "Big Forces."

Which made me think...outside of Reds, there's been very few films that have departed from this story line.

In particular, while there's the occaisonal film about those who steal and get away with it (that horrible remake of Oceans' 11- the original actually kept to the aforementioned story line), there's almost no films about those who try for something They're Not Supposed to Get, tangle with Big Forces, and crush the Big Forces, forcing a Fundamental Change. Except, of course, when it comes to Mel Brooks Gibson, and leading a revolution against the Brits or being Jesus.

I'd like to see a biopic about John D. Rockefeller and those times.

Might educate a few conservatives...

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