Sunday, September 25, 2005

More cronyism in the Bush regime, and why it bugs me...

Thinkprogress notes a blurb in Time magazine noting that at some top places in the Federal government, connections come before qualifications.

I am reminded of a company that used to employ me; at the time, crucial funding was given over to jobs and employees who were connected, regardless of whether they fit the company's mission or were qualified.

There was nothing- nothing- so poisionous to the morale of the qualified, and nothing as sure to send them out the door as the very appearance of unqualified people in high positions or being given favors regardless of performance.

I saw the best and brightest people leave -those who stayed did so for family reasons, and bless 'em, a few of 'em even prospered. But others prospered by walking away. I did, and I did.

This Bush regime - it's welfare for the connected, for you righties who can't see through it.

You've elected a government of welfare queens.


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