Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Let's not be disningenuous...

Of course the Democrats are right for not being part of the Katrina whitewash.

But Kos, you know as well as I do why the Republicans are so afraid of an independent commission.

It's because the Bush regime is corrupt to its core, with dots that connect right to Tom DeLay, and his fondness for what appears to be to be slave labor -somebody else's of course, not his.

And finally- this point is so obvious it is amazing nobody's making it- Katrina reinforces the "My Pet Goat" meme of Bush.

It's a heck of a lot easier for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack to believe that Bush really was asleep at the wheel in August 2001, and totally ignored the PDB of August 6, just like he was in August 2005.

At the rate things are going, though, there will be an investigation, albeit in 2007.

I'd wager that even the most dyed in the wool conservatives wouldn't mind getting these suspected felons out of power at least long enough to have a credible authority to bring them to justice.

Update: Even Michelle Malkin is decrying the rampant cronyism in the Bush regime. Which is kind of absurd; I mean this is simply the style Bush carried over from before he was Texas governor. She should have known who she was supporting before she did so. Actions have consequences, you know.

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