Friday, September 30, 2005

Oil and Gas and Tae Kwon Do Karma

This morning two thoughts occupy my head:

1. My 401(k) plan's reps need to be contacted. Something about "stagflation."

2. I'm reallly glad I live where I do because there's almost no commute, relatively speaking, and so I can be home at a reasonable hour to see my son practice Tae Kwon Do. Not every kid's dad can, but maybe with high energy prices, at least some of those that can afford to relocate will, and as a side effect they can watch their kids play sports and act in the school plays, etc. "Get involved in your kids' life" say the ads about drugs, etc., and they have a point, but more than that you actually get to be a part of your kid's life. Totally wonderful thing. You two share something you know is important to him. This is why we need a living wage for the poor: so that they can be part of their kdis' lives. This is why we shouldn't be slaves to automobiles. Any parent who cannot take the time to get their kid involved in activities like this for reason of money is sadly lacking one of the most important experiences of being a parent.

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