Tuesday, February 08, 2005

As long as I'm not namedropping either...


Wolcott writes:

After all, Roger L. Simon took part in civil rights marches in the South. Michael Medved was a loyal soldier to Bobby Kennedy David Horowitz ran bootleg Afro Sheen for the Black Panthers. They can invoke the names of RFK and MLK to provide a rich depthful backdrop for their apostasies. If I go rightwing, all I have is a dinky anecdote about a horse possibly trampling my feet at an antiwar rally.

Oh, well, I suppose I can always "make something up," since exaggerating and b-essing will become my primary forms of lung exercise should I make the fateful switch.

One thing I will never do, however, is take the names of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King in vain to burnish my political droppings. That would be too profane. Because, face it, if Bobby Kennedy were around, do you really think he would regard Michael Medved as anything other than a simpering schoolmarm? Or that Martin Luther King would have blessed the war empire America has become and the confirmation of an Attorney General for Torture?

Well, I'm only 6 degrees separated from anyone famous anyway, myself...but within those 6 degrees of separation are Emperor Hirohito, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Jeffrey Dahmer and Abbie Hoffman...and I still have no famous exploits myself.

But frankly, I'm damned sick of people like Medved thinking because they went to wherever they went that they have anything over me, or whatever their experience they have allows them to BS. They don't have the right, it doesn't it isn't it even ain't.

Look, I knew a girl for a long time who knew Frank and Jerry personally (Zappa and Garcia, resp.) An ex-roommate smoked pot with Jerry himself.

I think at the very least Medved...well... he's about as important as Hugh Hewitt, and by that I mean Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf.

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