Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The shrill baying of the fascist hounds...

Digby has a nice piece that segues well with Brent Rassumussen's recent abuse over on Evangelical Outpost (and check out that nice Christian RA's comments). From Digby:

If it is as Lincoln said, that they cannot feel they have won unless we are "avowedly with them" then we truly are dealing with people who are undemocratic. Evidently, they believe that if they control the institutions of power in Washington that the other side is required to say "Uncle" and disappear, which strikes me as a case of believing your own hype. Just because Rush finds it useful to play to the rubes with the "Democrats are wimps" theme it doesn't mean we would never wake up and realize that we were being played. In our system of government there is no provision for surrender. You can pass legislation by strict party line majority or you can compromise and try to find common ground with the other side. When you use such scorched earth tactics such as comparing your opponents to terrorists don't be surprised when they get fed up and decide that there's no margin in cooperation. You'd better be prepared to do what you want to do with no cover from the other side and plenty of criticism.
There truly is no surrender; for if we were to be silent, it'd be that whole "They came for the X's first..." scenario. I must, therefore demand that as a minimum:

  • Hindraker publicly apologize to President Carter.
  • Joe Carter should take some steps to enforce some decorum amongst his bloodhounds. His smugness and silence in the face of the bloodthirsty baying of his co-religionists is apalling.

Digby recomends looking at CPAC to see the kind of vitriol and lies they're spouting this year.

I noticed that "the real guy with the dead intern," Joe Scarborough, is going to get a "journalism" award. Was that because they were going to give one to Guckert but now, they have to give him a "male prostitute posing as a journalist" award?

Just aksing.

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