Thursday, February 10, 2005

Why did "Jeff Gannon" use a pseudonym?

This diary in Kos notes some reaons:

Q: Prior to this last week, why use a pseudonym?
A: Many people in business do that
  • "People are not born with a name that is commercial"
  • "People in Hollywood do it"
  • "On-air personalities do it"
  • "Radio people do it"
  • "There are reasons to do such a thing besides being part of a CIA conspiracy or having something to hide"
  • "It could be a very innocent reason"

Q: Right, so I'm asking yours..
A: Well, it could be..
  • These are reasons why people would do it, and it's nothing to hide anything.
  • "It probably is a commercial consideration"

Q: A what?
A: Commercial consideration
  • A name that is difficult to pronounce, remember, spell
  • "Batman's true identity has nothing to do with the story"
  • "You'll have to take my word for it."

Or, it could be that he had a side business, under his own name, invovling either pornography, prostitution or both, and he didn't want to get outed.... I mean, that's a plausible reason, right?

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