Sunday, February 13, 2005

Woke up this morning hearing Mike Malloy...

saying there were 52 separate incidents in which there were warnings about 9/11 made to the Bush regime.

If true, then the Bush regime would be either colossally incompetent, or 9/11 is a LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) event.

If the latter, - and nothing surprises me anymore about this regime, though I remain unconvinced- then these people have committed serious crimes.

And the morality of those who support them?

Summed up best by Dr. Dean:

During a brief question period, he was asked why Republicans are seen as the party of values. When the audience asked him to repeat the question for those who could not hear, he said to laughter and applause, "The question was how come the Republicans get to talk about moral values essentially when they don't have any."

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