Thursday, February 24, 2005

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Well,let's see, Joe Carter, echoing others, wrote earlier this week:

Would bloggers who believe that it’s legitimate to investigate Gannon's personal life be willing to undergo the same scrutiny? If not, why do they consider themselves exempt?

Well, there's a new blogger in town...

And he bloggeth:

Criticism of my work and my journalistic background is fair game, but the intensive scrutiny into my personal life, especially things from the past have startled many in the journalistic community. Now Democrats in Congress are demanding that the White House do more thorough investigation into the personal lives and sexual histories of reporters. Is this what they want, to give the Bush administration a mandate to make this kind of information relevant to the vetting process for journalists? What kind of reaction would there have been if the White House has announced such a plan two months ago?

Well, Joe you should feel honored. Did "Gannon" read me? (Should I be peeved that I don't get credit? Ask Atrios...) Maybe he did...maybe he figured out that blogging is kinda like journalism, which is kinda like what "Gannon" did, right?

This just keeps getting stranger and stranger... if only Monica had a blog 6 years ago...

HT: Americablog

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