Thursday, February 10, 2005

Big silence in the parallel universe

- you know- the one where Spock sports a beard... on "Jeff Gannon." Other than Reynolds' fumbling, by referencing this link (it's about who gets cleared for access and leaks of classified information, not gay porn or other stuff like that),

Nothing from Powerline - though they're still flogging Eason Jordan.

Nothing from Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf...uh, I mean Hugh Hewitt.

And of course, nothing from Joe Carter.

I would normally include Mossback on this, but it's kind of early for him...

Update: Jeff Jarvis comments on "Gannon," but doesn't get the access/security issues for now.

  • Carter weighs in but ignores the real scandals, and indulges his penchant for bashing "elites."
  • Mossback weighs in too, but conveniently leaves off the issues of access to the White House, (and crowding out legit news sources in the process), and access to classified material.

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