Thursday, February 17, 2005

Speaking for myself...

Matthew Yglesisas states in response to Powerline's further bloviating about Carter

I don't admire the Power Line bloggers, but I don't think they're on the other side. I don't admire George W. Bush, but I don't think he's on the other side.

What's being elided here is the all-important distinction between political disagreement and warfare. So I'd be interested in hearing the views of the "responsible" right out there. Power Line is not an obscure site by any means. Indeed, it's become one of the most prominent nodes in the conservative blogosphere. Do others out there think Jimmy Carter is on the other side? Working in league with Osama bin Laden and others who seek the mass murder of American citizens?

Sorry Matthew, but I think these neocons, conservatives, theocrats, protofascists, fascists, cryptonazis, and out and out Nazis are the enemy. I think they're the greatest threat to American freedom and democracy. I think they've done considerable damage to the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. I think they've eroded the national security of the United States. I think they have destroyed the ability of our armed forces to get new recruits and reenlistees by not providing enough for them.

Yeah, speaking for myself they are the enemy, they are in a symbiotic relationship with the terrorists. And the sooner they're defeated politically, the sooner we can make the world safer from terrorism.

Update: Powerline for some reason won't allow trackbacks...and for some reason bolsters their argument with a quote from "Newsmax," which is about as reliable a news source as "Jeff Gannon" was truly not a male prostitute. In other words, it's propaganda nonsense they use, a cheap rip-off of the actually documented October Surprise.

Geez, what nonsensical wankers.

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