Sunday, February 27, 2005

If FOTF Critiqued Painting Like Movies..

Focus on the Family has a film review section where they normally review movies; one example is this review of "The Aviator."

Joe Carter has a post on a painting entitled "Jesus Whipped."

Which led me to think...

Jesus Whipped
Edward Knippers
(Oil on panel. 96 x 144 inches)

Positive Elements

It mentions Jesus, and brings us back to scripture, where Jesus was, after all whipped.

Spiritual Content

It mentions Jesus, who is the Son of the Living God...

Sexual Content

Jesus' posterior is front and center, so to speak. It is clear that Jesus goes to work out at the gym frequently from his buff appearance. Roman guards are as naked as Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib. Penises are on full display; it is not clear if they are erect. One Roman's nipple appears hard.

Violent Content

Jesus is whipped. But it's Jesus, so it's OK. Remember our glowing review of Kill Christ?

Crude or Profane Language

None. It's a painting.

Drug and Alchohol Content.

None. It appears though as if the men are all well fed.

Other Negative Elements

Scripture is not explicitly quoted, and since the bible doesn't say that all were naked when Jesus was whipped, this painting is clearly not biblical.


Although Edward Knippers is a highly gifted artist, and mentions Jesus, this painting should not be viewed by children or teenagers, becaue even though it mentions the biblical theme of Jesus being whipped, it is not biblical, because everyone's nekkid.

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