Thursday, February 17, 2005

Repeating right wingnut lies often enough does not make them true

Mossback tries to repeat this lie about Brit Hume, cribbing from this other wingnut site. Hume's probably going down soon for this lie just the same way that George W. Bush and Jeff Gannon...well, do I have to draw you a picture...?

Well, turns out David Brock and Al Franken are still right as rain...

Now read the whole context of their cited article.

It's absolutely false that Roosevelt intended to include "private accounts." Rather, he intended "voluntary contributory annuities," which were to be in addition to the present Social Security system. To imply that volunaary contributory annuities are the same as private accounts is a lie. It was, clearly what Roosevelt was thought to be an additional contribution to a public fund like Social Security as we know it today. That's not like Bush's "private accounts," especially in that Bush's concept would help bankrupt Social Security.

Hume's other lie is that he neglects to mention that it was the old-age pensions - paid to people before there was enough money- that Roosevelt was advocating phasing out.

Repeating a lie often enough does not make it so.

These clowns should be ashamed, but then again, if they're Republicans, lying is sort of 2nd nature to them...

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