Thursday, February 24, 2005

The further self-fisking of "Powerline" [sic]

Wow, look at that...

"deacon" says:

The evidence of our doofism lies in the fact that Rocket Man does not believe that the theory of evolution is correct...Call me stupid (again), but I have a tough time understanding why the views of Rocket Man on evolution are relevant to the quality of our poltical commentary and reporting. But this is the state of so much of today's left -- unwilling and/or unable to argue political issues (or scientific ones, as far as appears) on the merits.

But, "deacon",that wasn't an argument on merit, it was a sweeping generalization combined with an ad hominem attack.

...leftist logic, ...scientific orthodoxy

Not to mention a reverse argument from authority... (that is, arguing against an authority precisely because they're an authority.)

Um, did you have that claim check for your brains?

(HT: These guys here at Pharyngula , and, DarkSyd...)

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