Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ted Rall vs. the Righties...Rall's in front...

I don't know Ted Rall, don't read him religiously, don't really care that much for his politics, his brand of beer nor whether he prefers Huggies to Luvs...but this post here, as well as this one, should be read when thinking about whether Joe Carter's collection of Rall quotes here constitute the kind of vitriol that Rall is thinking about.

Somehow, saying

Lefties just don't seem to get this fundamental truth of politics: Not only has there never been a revolution without violence, but there's never been meaningful social change without violence or at least the threat thereof.

just doesn't have the raw hatred nor specificity of

"if the opportunity presented itself, I'd kill Ted Rall"
"How about shooting Ted Rall THROUGH the Michael Moore Range Target?"
"Ted Rall was flayed? Why didn't anyone tell me?! Is there a video of it?! "
"Ted Rall just needs to be bitch-slapped."

But I'd be the last person to see anyone disciplined according to God's Word and mercifully silenced myself...

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