Sunday, February 20, 2005

If "Jeff Gannon" was really innocent re: Plame...


(as Digby documents)

  • Why does he keep changing his story?

  • Does it really matter if it was "reported in the Wall Street Journal?" The real issue is why would this man be shown classified material in the first place? What was his need to know?

The first question is important because it's a common behavior seen by criminals. And not for nothing, but "Gannon's" performance with Cooper was the classic "lying body language" - if you compare "Gannon's" demeanor to Anderson Cooper's, it's obvious that "Gannon's" hiding something.

The 2nd question is important, too, because nowhere is Gannon denying this crucual point - that he received classified material without a clearance or need to know, and possibly because he can't for some reason. There's another shoe waiting to drop, perhaps on this point.

This story just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This can't be good for whoever might have put Gannon up to this in the White House.


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