Tuesday, February 22, 2005

David Horowitz: Take your meds!

Horowitz has an enemies list that's amazingly outrageous. Here you'll see terrorists intermingled with the likes of Paul Gorman, who, with Ram Dass wrote a subversive, dangerous book about helping people...(and he's done Buddhist retreats, too!) ...Daniel Sheehan... who's dangerous because he takes being a peacemaker seriously...Jim Wallis, because I guess he destroys the stereotype of Evangelicals as fascists...Barack Obama... heck, I can't for the life of me figure out why Obama made the list... maybe Horowitz didn't like his name?... Angela Davis, who really is a Communist, but who did, after all, say "A fair trial is no trial at all," which, to me is quite right...and, finally, yes, that radical, evil, fomenter of all that is unAmerican, Ms. Karen Armstrong herself!

Horowitz is a nut case. Plain and simple.

HT: Jesus' General...

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