Thursday, February 17, 2005

My letter to George W. Bush...

Dear Mr. President,

I understand that the White House has been having an apparently intimate relationship with one James Dale Guckert, even though the rest of the world knew him as "Jeff Gannon."

I, like many Americans, am wondering if Mr. Bush liked Mr. Gannon, and if so, what he liked about him. Was it his military style? Was it, as many have suggested, his shaved head?

I am also wondering if Mr. Bush shared Mr. Gannon with anyone else in the White House- maybe Mr. McClellan? Or perhaps Karl Rove invited Mr. Gannon in for secret meetings. Or maybe, Mr. Bush was on more intimate relations with his staff than we Americans have been led to believe- after all, there might be a multitude of reasons why Mr. Bush has called Mr. Rove a "turd blossom."

I think it would be great for Mr. Bush to boldy proclaim his love for Mr. Gannon, and support him in his efforts to make sure that people like Mr. Gannon have continued access to Mr. Bush, so to speak to provide comfort to Mr. Bush when he needs it.


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