Thursday, February 17, 2005

More nonsense from the Discovery Institute... repeated breathlessly by EO

Creationist Joe Carter
is at it again- breathlessly repeating the BS from the Discovery Institute...

What is amusing is that both of them neglect to link to the original article by Zimmer.

Like Scientologists who want to limit the information their followers see, apparently Carter and his fellow creationists don't want their followers to see to what I just linked above.

Makes you wonder doesn't it? Why are they so chicken?

To be honest, for someone in my background (probability, statistics, communication theory and information theory) nothing in that article is surprising at all. The Avida folks have created a computer model for evolution, which is equivalent to showing that a probability space can be constructed to show that natural selection and common descent provide an evolutionary model.

This is obvious to anyone skilled in the art, as they say.

So why do Carter and the Discovery Institute have to lie by omission about it? Is their faith that shaky that they have to distort what others do and say?

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